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About this game

Follow the Game’s Instructions for Control Keys. Here is a little story about the game:

In 1948, a man deeply affected by the atrocities of war, made a solemn vow. Bill Jameson, a war veteran turned accomplished jazz saxophonist, resolved to do all in his power to avert the recurrence of such horrors. Bill, backed by his brother Tim, embarked on an ambitious endeavor. The task involved gathering an elite group, each member meticulously chosen for their unique skills and diverse backgrounds. However, they had to share one key attribute: mastery of jazz music. Thus, Rosie, Murphy, Ben, and Hank teamed up with the Jameson brothers, birthing the Jazz Association of Secret Spies, otherwise known as J.A.S.S.

Upon learning of the United Nations’ creation to tackle the same issue a few years prior, Bill was taken aback, remarking, “Why am I hearing about this now, Tim?” Yet, the realization only spurred him further, responding to his own question, “Well… at least we are way cooler, daddio”. Despite the initial hiccup, J.A.S.S. continually proved its mettle, securing recognition from the government. Their valuable contributions even saw the government employing their services, provided their existence remained under wraps. Members of J.A.S.S. led double lives, functioning as jazz artists during the day, and secret agents at night, sometimes the other way round.

The significance of jazz within the organization puzzled many. Nevertheless, their early successes were so phenomenal that no one dared to question it. Bill held firm to the belief that their prominence in the jazz scene would divert attention from their covert operations. In his words, ‘You don’t need to hide if you can be invisible!’. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. And thus, the highly unconventional yet successful J.A.S.S., fronted by jazz virtuoso Bill Jameson, continued their unique blend of jazz and espionage.