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The original “Hedgehog Launch,” also developed by Armor Games, sets the stage for the series’ unique gameplay. In this game, players aim to launch a hedgehog as high and far as possible using a slingshot mechanism. By collecting coins during the flight, players can purchase upgrades to improve the hedgehog’s performance in subsequent launches. The goal is to reach space in as few days as possible, with each launch providing opportunities to earn more coins and enhance the hedgehog’s abilities​​.

The controls are simple, using the mouse to pull back the slingshot and the arrow keys to steer the hedgehog during its flight. Players must strategically decide which upgrades to buy, balancing between enhancing the launch power, improving the hedgehog’s mid-air control, and adding boosters. The game’s charm lies in its straightforward mechanics and the satisfaction of seeing incremental improvements with each launch​.

“Hedgehog Launch” has been praised for its fun, addictive gameplay and the satisfaction it provides through gradual progression and upgrades. It sets the foundation for the sequels, introducing players to the core concept of launching and upgrading a hedgehog in a quest to reach space​.