Online Game Zombie Launcher

You may Play Zombie Launcher 2.

“Zombie Launcher” is a fun and engaging physics-based puzzle game where the main objective is to hit all the happy faces scattered across the levels using zombies launched from a cannon. The game challenges players to carefully aim and control the power of their shots to navigate through obstacles and reach the targets. Each level introduces new challenges and requires players to use logic and strategic thinking to succeed.

The gameplay involves clicking in the general direction where you want the zombie to go. The distance of the click from the cannon determines the speed and trajectory of the launched zombie. Players must often use elements of the environment to their advantage, such as bouncing zombies off walls or triggering mechanisms to clear paths. The game progressively becomes more difficult, with more complex levels and intricate puzzles to solve.

“Zombie Launcher” has a total of 42 levels, each offering a unique set of challenges. The game is designed to be replayable, encouraging players to improve their scores by using fewer zombies and completing levels more quickly. The combination of simple mechanics, challenging puzzles, and humorous elements makes “Zombie Launcher” a delightful game for players of all ages​