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Have fun playing Hedgehog Launch 2

“Hedgehog Launch 2” is a sequel to the popular original game, developed by Armor Games. In this game, players are tasked with launching a hedgehog into space, aiming to reach the moon. The gameplay involves pulling back a slingshot to launch the hedgehog, which then bounces off platforms and collects coins during its flight. The coins collected can be used to purchase upgrades such as better launchers, jetpacks, and various boosters to help the hedgehog reach greater heights and distances.

Players use the arrow keys to control the hedgehog mid-flight, steering it to hit platforms and collect more coins. Each successful launch and collection of coins allows players to buy better equipment, making subsequent launches more effective. The game combines elements of strategy and skill, requiring players to carefully plan their upgrades and control their launches to maximize the distance covered by the hedgehog​​.

“Hedgehog Launch 2” has received positive feedback for its addictive gameplay and the fun challenge of upgrading and launching the hedgehog. The game builds on the original’s mechanics, adding more depth and replayability with the introduction of new upgrades and features. It’s a game that appeals to players who enjoy incremental progress and strategic planning​.