Info About Glitcheon Game

Glitcheon presents a thrilling exploration into a dystopian future through its Metroidvania-style platformer gameplay. As the protagonist, you find yourself in a world dominated by a tech monopoly known as The Forum. This entity has grown unchecked, exerting its influence over every aspect of existence. The unique twist in the game is the glitchy abilities you possess, which can launch both you and your enemies across levels at high speeds, conjure temporary platforms, and more. Your primary objective is to unravel the mysteries of your origin within The Forum’s intricate network.

In Glitcheon, the oppressive force of The Forum is aware of your existence in some way. To survive and progress, you must exploit system glitches to maintain your consciousness. These glitches aren’t just anomalies; they’re the key to your survival and progression. Every move you make, every glitch you exploit, brings you one step closer to understanding who you are and why you exist within this dystopian reality.

As you delve deeper into The Forum’s depths, you’ll encounter terminals that bestow upon you new abilities. These powers will prove crucial in overcoming the game’s challenging platforming elements and intense combat situations. However, these glitchy abilities come with a word of caution – they may lead to unforeseen consequences. Thus, every decision you make, every ability you use, must be carefully considered. The game’s rich narrative and intricate gameplay make for an engrossing experience, drawing you into a world where every glitch is a path to truth.