About Irori Game

Irori is a delightful cooking simulation game that transports you into a world of culinary adventures on the cross-lands train. As the train’s chef, you find yourself in charge of the cozy irori cabin, a comforting oasis for weary travelers looking for a satisfying meal. The inviting aroma of your savory skewers drifts through the cabin, drawing in passengers eager to rest and refuel. Your task is to prepare a range of skewers that not only satiate hunger but also warm the hearts of those on board, as you share in their journeys.

The game is designed for quick, immersive gameplay sessions, with each playthrough lasting approximately 3-5 minutes. This concise time frame ensures that each session is engaging and leaves players eager for the next, creating a perfect balance of entertainment and anticipation. As you prepare the skewers and interact with your passengers, you’ll find that each minute is packed with exciting culinary challenges and captivating narratives.

Irori stands out with its cozy 2.5D aesthetics and soft character designs, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes players feel right at home. The game features an array of fantasy ingredients, adding an extra layer of intrigue and creativity to the cooking process. As you prepare skewers with these unique ingredients, you’ll create dishes that are as enchanting as the fantasy world around you. Accompanying you on this culinary journey is a cute companion who shares his story with you, adding a touch of warmth and companionship to your cooking adventures.