Get to know Autoland Game

Autoland is an engaging game that places you in an automated world where you slide forward continuously. To navigate through this perpetual motion, you will use either a click or the Space bar to initiate a jump, allowing you to leap over obstacles in your path. The game also introduces an interesting dynamic with its walls – by clicking or pressing Space, you can slide down these walls, or even launch yourself off them, adding another layer of strategy and control to your gameplay.

The game features blocks that can only be unlocked by collecting keys of the same color scattered throughout the level. These keys are integral to your progress, and collecting them will require precision and timely jumps. Alongside these keys, the game also presents power-ups that can significantly enhance your capabilities. These power-ups grant abilities such as double jumping or shooting.

The double jump power-up can be activated by clicking or pressing Space again while you’re in the air, giving you an extra boost to reach higher platforms or avoid more complex obstacles. The shooting power-up, triggered in the same way while airborne, provides a means of offense or interaction with the environment. It’s important to note that these power-ups can only be used once, but they respawn back at their original location. This allows you the opportunity to revisit and recollect them, adding a strategic element of resource management to your gameplay.