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The FNF Vs. Documic.txt V3 Canceled mod introduces players to a unique confrontation with Documic.txt, an enigmatic Sonic replica originating from an obscure file. This iteration is a revival of the seemingly discontinued Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Documic.txt V3. As the Boyfriend, players will navigate a sequence of melodic showdowns, but they also have the option to play as Sonic or an Among Us character. Dive deep into the captivating beats of seven intense rap duels and aim for accuracy to outshine your opponents.

With whispers of a fourth version potentially on the horizon, there’s a promise of even more thrilling moments ahead. The present track lineup features “Newer Document,” “Textus Documus,” “Old Document,” “Oucumic,” “PC Nightmares,” “Standstill,” and “He Appears.” Gear up to face the mysterious Documic.txt and set out on a pulse-pounding rhythmic journey in this Friday Night Funkin’ mod.