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Play Online Friday Night Funkin Retaken Sanity Game

“FNF Retaken Sanity” is the anticipated sequel to the widely popular “FNF VS Starving Artist” mod. In this engaging follow-up, you take on the role of Rebecca, an artist grappling with her music career while trying to reclaim her mental stability. This mod introduces seven brand new tracks: InHarmony, WakeUp, Unwind, Happy End, Silent Hills, Love to Death, and Grey. Notably, the challenge level of this mod is substantial, so newcomers to Friday Night Funkin’ might prefer to start on Easy mode.

The gameplay involves using the arrow keys or WASD to match the arrows appearing on your screen with the rhythm of the music. Be aware, missing too many of these arrows would result in a game loss.

“FNF Retaken Sanity” is a splendid choice for fans of the original “FNF VS Starving Artist” mod. The newly incorporated songs are both catchy and provide a commendable challenge, while the narrative keeps you engaged. If you’re in the market for a fresh FNF mod to try out, “FNF Retaken Sanity” is a fantastic recommendation.