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About The Amazing World of Gumball Drawin’s Yearbook

The Amazing World of Gumball Drawing’s Yearbook Game is a platformer game based on the popular animated TV series. The game features a range of levels that players must navigate through as they control both Gumball and Darwin. The game controls on desktop include the left and right arrow keys to move, the Z key to change characters, and the C key to skip cutscenes, activate devices, and use the camera. The game was optimized for desktops with keyboards, but it might load on touchscreen devices.

The game features a level selection option, and levels are unlocked in sequence. Players can only play the first level, Banana Joe, at the start of the game. They can unlock other levels by beating each stage and taking a picture of each character. There are six levels in this game, each with four stages, making a total of 24 stages. To win each level, players must complete all four stages.

In the game, players must use both Gumball and Darwin to navigate through the levels. Darwin is the only character who can use the camera to take photos at the end of each stage and stun monsters. Darwin can also use pipes to reach isolated parts of the map. Meanwhile, Gumball is strong enough to lift boxes, and he can jump higher than Darwin. Players can switch between characters as needed to reach the end of the level door with both characters to clear it.

Switches are a crucial part of the game, as some open doors and others activate platforms. Switches come in two flavors: levels and buttons. Lever switches stay activated once flipped, while button switches must be stepped on to remain active. Players can activate the button by stepping on it, having an enemy stand on it, or dropping a box on it. They can sometimes find more than one button switch in a level, and they will activate the same thing. Players can sometimes use dazed foes to activate buttons.

The game also features various enemies, most of which stay on a particular platform. Players can use the camera to daze most of their foes. Lucy Simian and the giant pink teddy bear can jump over boxes, while Lucy Simian can also go through some doors. Players must take a photo of one of Gumball’s and Darwin’s classmates in the fourth stage of each level to finish it. As Darwin, they must take a picture of the classmate to complete the level.