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On the other hand, Snake vs Worms is an engaging io game, where your goal is to evolve into the most massive snake within a multiplayer arena. Your snake grows by consuming a variety of food items including pizza, burgers, chocolate, and drinks. Starting off as a tiny slithering creature, you must navigate the arena, eating everything in sight while avoiding being eaten by others. You can even devour the remnants of your defeated opponents to gain a significant size advantage. However, beware of head-on collisions with other snakes; it’s game over if you hit another snake head-first. Strategize by using your speed boost to quickly maneuver and cause other snakes to crash into you.

The game also features a Shop and Lucky Wheel, where you can unlock an array of cool snake and background skins. You even have the option to design your own skins! If you prefer, you can bypass the early stages by using the “start bigger” option. The goal of Snake vs Worms is clear: do you have the ravenous appetite necessary to dominate the leaderboard?

Playing Snake vs Worms is simple. You can move your snake using your cursor, WASD, or arrow keys. To speed up, simply use the left mouse click, the space bar, or the shift key.