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Playing Castle Attack

Castle Attack is an action-packed shooting game where you control a tank and aim to destroy enemy castles. The goal is to fire at the castles with your tank, using the spacebar to shoot and the arrow keys to control the tank’s angle. The longer you hold down the spacebar, the more forceful your shot will be.

You control the tank using the arrow keys to adjust the angle of your shot. By holding down the spacebar, you can charge your shot to fire more powerfully. You need to aim carefully to destroy as much of the castle as possible with your limited number of shots. The more destruction you cause, the higher your score will be.

Castle Attack is a thrilling game that combines strategy and action. The challenge of aiming and controlling the power of your shots makes it engaging for players of all ages. It’s exciting to see how many castles you can destroy and how high you can score in this intense battle game.