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About JS Racer

JS Racer is an imaginative racing game where you navigate through a road using your imagination as if you are driving a car. The goal is to reach milestones before running out of time, using the arrow keys to control your movement. Although there is no actual car, the game makes you feel like you are racing through a winding road.

You control the race by using the arrow keys to steer left and right and to speed up or slow down. The game challenges you to avoid obstacles on the road while keeping an eye on the time limit. Each milestone you reach extends your time, allowing you to continue racing and aiming for a high score.

JS Racer is a fun and engaging game that stimulates your imagination and tests your reflexes. The simple controls and exciting concept make it enjoyable for players of all ages. It’s thrilling to see how far you can go and how many milestones you can reach before the time runs out.