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About Adventure Squirrel

In terms of gameplay, levels unlock sequentially, with only the first level accessible at the outset. Completion of a level unlocks the next, but previously unlocked levels can be revisited at any point. The objective is simple: gather all the fruits in the level, with the total being tracked at the top left corner. Reaching the level’s end signifies completion, but beware of the pits. Starting with two lives, represented by hearts, players must be careful not to fall off ledges, as this results in the loss of a life. Losing all lives leads to a level failure.

Once you click the play button situated beneath the game’s title, your adventure begins. The speaker button at the lower right corner gives you control over the game’s sound, while your web browser takes care of preserving your progress automatically.

Desktop users, use your left and right arrow keys for running, while the up arrow key controls your jump. As for touchscreen users, they can control movement by tapping on the corresponding arrow buttons. The top and bottom of the screen host a variety of controls and indicators. Information such as the number of collected fruits, remaining lives, level number, and audio controls are displayed on the top. Meanwhile, navigation buttons reside at the bottom.