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About Tribar Game

Immerse yourself in the intriguing world of Tribar Game, a captivating puzzle experience that challenges players to recreate complex shapes across 90 increasingly difficult levels. With four unique themes to choose from, players can customize the game’s appearance to their liking, adding a personal touch to their puzzle-solving journey. As you progress through the levels, a variety of achievements await, providing a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

To play, simply hold the mouse pointer on a block and drag it in any direction to construct the desired shape. If you need to undo a move, simply drag the block back to its original position. Successfully replicating the target shape is key to advancing through the game’s various levels.

However, be aware that the reload button within the game is currently bugged and does not function as intended. To circumvent this issue, click on the settings icon and then the home icon to return to the level selection screen. Dive into the challenging and engaging world of Tribar Game and put your puzzle-solving prowess to the test.