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About Battle Forces Game

Experience the intense world of Battle Forces, a 3D online cyberpunk shooter crafted by Full Hp Ltd. This game brings you face-to-face with real-world opponents in a realistic FPS setting. With a line-up of six unique heroes, each with rich backstories, you’re invited to become part of a compelling narrative. Battle Forces is a battlefield for strategy and strength, boasting a broad range of weapons, modifications, and special abilities that enhance the combat experience.

The gameplay employs a set of intuitive controls to steer your character and navigate the field. Use the WASD keys to move around, left mouse button to fire your weapon, and the right one to target your opponents. More advanced controls, like Shift for running, Spacebar for jumping, and R for reloading, add layers of complexity to your gaming strategy. The keys E, G, Q, and Tab respectively cover melee attacks, grenade throws, health usage, and accessing the menu. And to keep you on your toes, these control keys are randomized, making each game a unique challenge.