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Info About Pathians

“Pathians” introduces a unique twist to traditional card games, blending elements of solitaire, collapse, and chain select puzzles. The game stands out with its simple rules yet offers a potentially challenging puzzle-solving experience. Players start by picking a card and then select neighboring cards with an equal or adjacent face value, continuing until they clear the board. This game is designed for those who enjoy strategic planning and the rewarding feeling of solving a puzzle. Its design and gameplay mechanics provide a fresh take on the card game genre​​​​​​.

If you have a penchant for card games and are looking for something that tests your strategy and puzzle-solving skills, “Pathians” could be a great fit. The game not only offers enjoyment but also challenges players to think critically and anticipate their moves to clear the board and achieve high scores. Both “Kerixep Plus” and “Pathians” are available online and can provide hours of entertainment while stimulating your problem-solving abilities. Whether you prefer abstract puzzle challenges or innovative card games, these games are worth checking out for an engaging and enjoyable experience.