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Info about Trollface Sniper 3 In Spaace

How to Start or Play: To start the game, you need to shoot Trollface.
Hold Spacebar, and then use Left Click to shoot.

Once trollface dancing guy is dead, game will start.

“Trollface Sniper in Space” is a humorous and satirical flash game that combines elements of sniping and puzzle-solving. The game is part of the larger “Trollface Quest” series, known for their distinctive art style and comedic take on puzzle challenges.

In “Trollface Sniper in Space,” players are given a sniper rifle and tasked with identifying and shooting various troll faces that appear in a space-themed environment. The game often requires players to think creatively or outside the box, as the troll faces can be hidden or integrated into the level’s design in tricky ways.

The gameplay typically involves a series of levels, each with its own set of challenges and troll faces to find and shoot. The “Trollface” series is known for its quirky humor and unexpected solutions, and “Trollface Sniper in Space” maintains this tradition with its space setting and sniping mechanics.