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Enjoy the game Scary Graveyard Escape 2

“Scary Graveyard Escape 2” is a chilling room escape game that intensifies the spooky atmosphere of its predecessor. Set during a graveyard shift, the game starts off peacefully but soon plunges into a haunting experience as the night progresses. Players are surrounded by eerie sounds, from the constant chatter of owls to the howling of wolves. The presence of ghosts wandering the graveyard adds to the terrifying ambiance.

The player’s objective is to escape from the graveyard, which is not as straightforward as it seems. To successfully escape, players must solve various puzzles and collect items that are essential for unlocking the graveyard gate. This game challenges players to explore the scary environment, testing their logic and courage in the face of supernatural elements. The game, developed by Genie Fun Games, promises an immersive and nerve-wracking experience for those who dare to venture into the haunted graveyard​​.