Online Game Touch Down

Touch-Down is a flash game where the main objective is to safely land your vessel on a designated landing zone. The game requires you to maintain a smooth landing speed, which is monitored by an indicator. Additionally, you need to be cautious of an alien presence that can interfere with your landing process.

The controls for the game are simple: you use the arrow keys to navigate your vessel – down, left, and right. There is also a pause feature in the game, which you can activate by pressing the question mark key. Each level in Touch-Down increases in difficulty, with the landing speed needing to be more precise, the alien moving faster, and the time limit becoming shorter.

There is a rewarding aspect to the game as well. If you manage to score 45 points, you win $45, which will be sent to you by mail. To receive your reward, you must provide your correct address when prompted. This adds an exciting incentive for players to hone their skills and aim for a high score while enjoying the challenging gameplay.