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John is the hero of the game and he starts with a bat to fight. However, he can pick weapons on the way when he kills others.

Move with arrow keys and attack with the Spacebar key.

John’s colleague has killed someone and John is not happy about it. So he is on the mission to destroy killer and his gang.

The Office Guy is a captivating action-packed game that revolves around the story of an ordinary office worker seeking justice in his corrupt workplace. The protagonist finds himself in the midst of a sinister corporate conspiracy and is compelled to take matters into his own hands. Players are tasked with guiding the office guy through multiple levels, battling enemies, and uncovering the truth behind the company’s dark secrets.

Gameplay in The Office Guy involves engaging in hand-to-hand combat and using various weapons to eliminate adversaries. The intuitive controls, coupled with smooth animations and a compelling narrative, keep players invested in the game’s progression. The Office Guy’s unique blend of action, puzzle-solving, and storytelling offers players a refreshing break from traditional office life and transports them into a world of intrigue and adventure.

The Office Guy’s distinctive art style and immersive soundtrack further enhance the gaming experience, creating a gritty atmosphere that perfectly complements the game’s theme. As players progress through the levels, they are faced with increasingly challenging obstacles and enemies, requiring quick reflexes and strategic thinking to overcome. The Office Guy is an entertaining and engaging game that combines action and storytelling in a unique and thrilling experience.