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About Stacktris Game

Stacktris is an innovative arcade game that combines the addictive gameplay of Tetris with the challenge of tower stacking games. Players are tasked with stacking and balancing blocks called tetrominoes, all while avoiding the collapse of their carefully constructed tower. A tetromino block continually spins at an ever-increasing speed, requiring players to tap on it to stop its spin, reposition it above the platform, and then release to drop it into place. Precision is key, as losing even a single block results in game over. However, players need not fret, as hints and upgrades can be acquired using collected coins, making the experience both manageable and enjoyable. Power-ups such as Slow Spin, High Friction, Coin Magnet, Low Bounce, Coin Chance, Wide Table, and Next Block are available to enhance gameplay and assist players in building the tallest Tetromino Tower possible. With patience and dedication, Stacktris provides an unparalleled gaming experience that players can proudly share with friends.

How to play on a Computer

To play Stacktris on desktop, use the left mouse click to stop the object from spinning, A / D or left / right arrow keys to move them horizontally, and release the left mouse click to drop them. The ESC key opens the menu, and the Enter / Return key pauses the game.

How to play on Mobile and Tablet

For mobile or tablet users, long-press to stop the object from spinning, drag horizontally to position them, and release to drop. The goal is to stack the blocks as high as possible without knocking them down.

Stacktris offers a variety of upgrades to improve gameplay. Slow Spin reduces the initial rotation speed, though it eventually speeds back up to its maximum rate. High Friction decreases the slide amount, while Coin Magnet increases the radius of coin attraction to tetrominoes. Low Bounce reduces the bounce effect on dropped tetrominoes. Coin Chance boosts the probability of producing coins each turn. Wide Table increases the table’s width by one with each upgrade. Finally, Next Block reveals the tetrominoes that will appear in the next set of turns, providing players with valuable foresight.

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