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Get to know about the game Sneaky’s Road Trip Washington DC

Journey into the captivating realm of “Sneaky’s Road Trip: Washington DC,” an engaging hidden object puzzle game that whisks players through the historic and iconic streets of America’s capital. As players explore, they’ll be tasked with uncovering a range of objects subtly concealed within the city’s famous landmarks and scenes.

Each level presents a vividly detailed representation of Washington DC’s renowned locations. From the stately White House to the picturesque National Mall, players will immerse themselves in the city’s charm as they search for hidden items. To the left of every scene, a list enumerates the objects that players must spot and collect. Once found, a simple click adds the item to your tally, bringing you one step closer to completing the level.


  • Magnifying Glass Tool: Make use of the magnifying glass to zoom in on areas of interest, making the search for smaller or intricately hidden objects a breeze.
  • Diverse Locales: Traverse a wide variety of Washington DC settings, each with its own set of concealed items waiting to be discovered.
  • Skip Option: Finding a level particularly challenging? The ‘Skip’ button allows players to move on to the next scene without delay.
  • Interactive Graphics: Each scene in Sneaky’s Road Trip is more than just a backdrop. Engage with dynamic elements and animations that bring Washington DC to life.

Dive into “Sneaky’s Road Trip: Washington DC” and set your sights on a delightful exploration of one of the world’s most celebrated cities. Whether you’re a hidden object enthusiast or a casual gamer looking for a scenic diversion, this game promises a blend of fun and fascination. Join Sneaky and unveil the hidden wonders of Washington DC!