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Have fun playing Shoujo Manga Avatar Creator: Patissier

Indulge in the sweet world of “Houjo Manga Avatar Creator: Patissier,” where players get to step into the enchanting universe of manga combined with the art of patisserie. This unique makeover game allows you to craft a personalized avatar that encapsulates the essence of a skilled patissier in a manga setting.

As you enter the game, you’re presented with a blank canvas: a manga-styled character awaiting transformation. From delicate aprons to stylish chef hats, and from vibrant hair colors to expressive eyes, the possibilities are boundless.


  • Detailed Customization: Access a vast wardrobe of outfits, accessories, and tools typical of a patissier. Don chic uniforms, wield wooden spoons or whisks, and adorn your avatar with badges of baking excellence.
  • Diverse Hairstyles & Colors: Choose from a plethora of hairstyles, each capturing the whimsy and elegance of manga art. Customize hair color to achieve the perfect look.
  • Expressive Facial Features: Modify eye shapes, colors, and expressions to reflect your avatar’s personality. Add unique touches like blush, freckles, or even whimsical face art.
  • Background Choices: Set your manga patissier against a backdrop of a bustling bakery, a serene cafe, or even a midnight dessert market.

With “Houjo Manga Avatar Creator: Patissier,” immerse yourself in the fusion of the manga world and the fragrant realm of pastries and desserts. Perfect for fashion enthusiasts, manga lovers, and baking aficionados, this game offers an avenue to let your creativity run wild. Create, customize, and celebrate the delightful blend of manga and patisserie!