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Online Game Robo Wasp

Enter the thrilling world of “Robo Wasp” where the skies are dominated by foes, and you are humanity’s last line of defense. Armed with a state-of-the-art weapon, shaped like a menacing wasp, it’s up to you to fend off the enemies and keep the skies clear.


  • You control a wasp-shaped robo designed for aerial combat. Navigate through a swarm of adversaries, ensuring they do not pass through to your base.
  • Use the arrow keys to maneuver the Robo Wasp, darting swiftly between enemies and dodging their onslaught.
  • Press the Space bar to unleash your firepower and shoot down your opponents.


Keep the skies free of adversaries. Do not let any enemy surpass you. The more enemies you down, the higher your score. Challenge yourself and see how long you can last against the relentless enemy waves.

Stay sharp, stay swift, and may your shots find their mark!