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About the Zombies Version of RM 2

Return Man 2 Zombies is an exciting and unique twist on the classic rugby game. In this version, you will face opponents who have been turned into zombies, and they will come towards you to catch you. As the player, you must avoid being caught by the zombies and focus on getting the ball and reaching the finish line.

The game features several levels, each with its own set of challenges and obstacles to overcome. The zombies become faster and more aggressive as you progress through the levels, making it increasingly difficult to avoid being caught. However, the game includes power-ups and special moves that can help you evade the zombies and increase your chances of scoring.

One of the standout features of Return Man 2 Zombies is its engaging and immersive gameplay. The game’s unique concept and challenging levels make it a thrilling and exciting experience. So, if you are a rugby fan looking for a new challenge, or if you enjoy games with a twist, then head over to the game’s website and start playing today to experience the thrill of avoiding zombies while scoring touchdowns.

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