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Play Rat Invasion 3 as well.

Rats Invasion 2 builds on the premise of its predecessor, offering more challenging levels and new tools to tackle the persistent rat problem. Players once again face an infestation of mischievous rats, and the goal is to eliminate them using various traps and projectiles. This time, the game introduces new obstacles and environments, making each level a fresh challenge.

In this sequel, players must carefully plan their moves to ensure that the rats are eradicated effectively. The game features more advanced physics-based puzzles, requiring players to think strategically about how to use the available tools. The addition of new gadgets and traps adds depth to the gameplay, keeping it engaging and fun.

Rats Invasion 2 retains the easy-to-use controls and charming graphics of the original game, making it accessible for both new and returning players. The game’s increasing difficulty and variety of levels provide a satisfying experience for those who enjoy puzzle games with a strategic twist.