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“Portal 2: The Flash Version” is a 2D adaptation of the critically acclaimed 3D puzzle-platformer “Portal,” developed by We Create Stuff. This flash version captures the essence of the original game by featuring the iconic portal gun, which allows players to create portals to navigate through levels and solve puzzles. The game includes 40 challenging levels that test the player’s ability to use portals strategically to overcome obstacles and reach the exit. It retains the core mechanics of the original “Portal” game, providing a familiar yet fresh experience for fans of the series​.

The gameplay involves using the mouse to aim and shoot portals on flat surfaces, allowing the player to traverse gaps, move through walls, and reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Each level presents unique challenges that require creative thinking and precise timing to solve. Players must use their knowledge of physics and momentum to navigate through increasingly complex puzzles, making the game both intellectually stimulating and entertaining.

“Portal 2: The Flash Version” has been praised for its innovative design and faithful adaptation of the original game’s mechanics. The simplified 2D graphics do not detract from the complexity and enjoyment of the puzzles, making it an accessible yet challenging game for both new players and veterans of the “Portal” series. Its success highlights the enduring appeal of the portal-based puzzle mechanics and the creativity they inspire in players.