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“Epsilon” is a physics-based puzzle game available on Armor Games and CrazyGames. Set in a scientific research facility, players use wormhole portals to solve complex puzzles involving gravity and time manipulation. The game involves dragging portals to specific positions and controlling an orb to navigate through each level. Players must think creatively to manipulate the environment and complete the challenges. The game draws inspiration from Valve’s “Portal” but adds unique elements such as time reversal and gravity shifts, offering a fresh take on the puzzle genre​​.

The storyline of “Epsilon” revolves around scientific experiments conducted in a research facility, where players take on the role of a test participant. The puzzles are designed to simulate various scientific principles, providing an educational aspect to the gameplay. The game’s mechanics require players to carefully position wormholes and use gravity shifts to guide an orb through each level, solving intricate puzzles along the way. This combination of scientific themes and puzzle-solving makes “Epsilon” a unique and engaging game.

“Epsilon” has received positive feedback for its challenging puzzles and innovative use of physics-based mechanics. The game’s educational elements, combined with its engaging gameplay, make it a standout title in the puzzle genre. Players who enjoy games that challenge their cognitive skills and offer a fresh perspective on familiar mechanics will find “Epsilon” a rewarding experience.