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Paper Flight 1

Here is how you fly this plane. Hold the plane using one finger (hold left click), use another finger and throw the plane towards the top right corner of your computer screen.

Throwing plane means dragging the paper plane while holding the left click and releasing all your finger. Once done, play Paper Flight 2.

Paper Flight is a delightful and engaging game that transports players back to their childhood, with the simple yet enchanting concept of guiding a paper airplane through various environments. The objective of the game is to control the paper airplane as it glides through the air, collecting stars and power-ups while avoiding obstacles and hazards. The game’s charm lies in its simplicity, as players navigate the paper airplane through increasingly challenging levels, using skill and strategy to achieve the highest scores.

The game features beautiful, colorful graphics that evoke a sense of nostalgia, immersing players in a whimsical world of wonder and imagination. The soothing soundtrack complements the gameplay, creating a relaxing and immersive experience that appeals to players of all ages. Paper Flight’s blend of accessible gameplay, engaging visuals, and captivating soundtrack has solidified its status as a fan-favorite among casual gamers.