I have updated it to get rid of bugs, if you still think the old version had lesser bugs, you can play it here.

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Papa’s Cheeseria is a delightful and addictive time management web game that places players in charge of a virtual grilled cheese sandwich restaurant. The game is part of the popular Papa Louie’s series created by Flipline Studios, which includes a variety of restaurant-themed games. In Papa’s Cheeseria, players must take customer orders, prepare and cook ingredients, assemble the perfect grilled cheese sandwiches, and serve them to customers in a timely manner.

The game offers an engaging progression system, as players earn points and level up based on their performance. As the player advances, they unlock new ingredients, breads, and side dishes, allowing them to create a diverse range of sandwiches to please their increasingly discerning customers. Additionally, the game features mini-games and customization options for the player’s in-game avatar, adding extra layers of fun and personalization.

Papa’s Cheeseria is a captivating web game that provides hours of entertainment for players who enjoy time management and cooking-themed games. Its charming graphics, upbeat soundtrack, and increasingly challenging gameplay make it a must-play for fans of the genre. With its immersive and rewarding gameplay, Papa’s Cheeseria is the perfect game for those who dream of running their very own grilled cheese sandwich shop.