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Oodlegobs game features a unique concept that revolves around controlling a group of creatures called “Oodlegobs.” These creatures can merge and split to navigate through various levels filled with obstacles and challenges.

In Oodlegobs, you play as a computer virus created by a boy named Mew who is tired of the endless cat videos on the internet. Your objective is to guide the Oodlegobs through a series of levels representing the internet, infecting servers and putting an end to the cat video craze.

The primary gameplay mechanic involves controlling a group of Oodlegobs as they navigate the levels. Players can merge the Oodlegobs into a single, larger creature to overcome certain obstacles or split them into smaller creatures to fit through narrow passages. The game requires strategic thinking and problem-solving skills to find the optimal path through each level.

Oodlegobs features colorful, pixel-art graphics and a catchy chiptune soundtrack, which are signature elements of Nitrome games. The game has received positive reviews for its inventive gameplay mechanics and engaging puzzle-platformer challenges, making it another enjoyable addition to Nitrome’s catalog of games.