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Menulis is a captivating puzzle-platformer game that invites players into a world of shadows and light. In this game, players navigate through a mysterious environment, using the unique mechanic of drawing platforms to advance through the levels. The central character, a small, silhouette figure, moves through the dimly lit landscapes, where the only way to traverse the dark voids is by creating paths with a luminous pen. The act of ‘menulis,’ which means ‘to write’ in Indonesian, becomes a tool for exploration and progression, as players sketch out their routes to overcome obstacles and reach new areas.

The game’s design is minimalist yet profoundly engaging, emphasizing the contrast between darkness and the light trails created by the player’s pen. This artistic choice not only enhances the visual appeal of Menulis but also deepens the gameplay, as players must think creatively to solve puzzles. The challenges range from simple gaps that require straightforward lines to complex spatial puzzles demanding intricate patterns. As players advance, the game introduces new elements and mechanics, keeping the experience fresh and engaging.

Menulis is not just a test of dexterity but also a journey that stimulates the mind. Players are encouraged to experiment with different approaches to navigate the levels, promoting a sense of discovery and innovation. The serene soundtrack and the game’s tranquil pace allow for a reflective, almost meditative gaming experience. Menulis stands out as a game that combines artistic expression with puzzle-solving, offering players a unique, introspective adventure through a beautifully crafted world.