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About this Construction Mode of Moving Truck

Moving Truck Construction, a driving game developed by 7Spot Games, tasks players with steering their trucks to reach the goal line while delivering a package. The path is made based on the construction environment. The key to successfully completing each level lies in precise navigation to prevent damage to the package and avoid losing coins. To amp up the excitement, players can attempt to beat the speed challenge for every level. Sharing Moving Truck with friends allows for friendly competition and high score comparisons.

To play the game, players must familiarize themselves with the controls. The A/D keys or left and right arrow keys can be used to move the truck left or right, while the acceleration is controlled with the W key or the up arrow key. By mastering these controls, players will be well-equipped to tackle the various puzzles and obstacles presented in the game, and ultimately become the top Moving Truck player among their friends.

There is another version that has a different path but the same concept.