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About Masked Forces Ancient Serpent

“Masked Forces Ancient Serpents” is a 3D action multiplayer first-person shooter and a part of the broader “Masked Forces” series. In this game, players face a unique challenge against ancient creatures, including skeletons and historic lizards, in a setting that blends history with mythical elements. The game offers three distinct modes: Kill, Night Kill, and Survival, each presenting a different style of play and challenge. During the day, players engage in the Kill mode, while Night Kill mode adds an element of darkness and increased difficulty. Survival mode tests players’ endurance against waves of enemies. The game encourages players to level up their characters, unlock new skins, weapons, and armors, and features a fast-paced, action-packed gameplay experience​​.

The game is designed to offer a thrilling experience with multiple missions, various weapons to unlock, weapon skins, and armors with unique abilities. Players navigate using WASD or arrow keys, shoot with a mouse click, and can switch weapons using number keys. This setup, combined with the game’s rich graphical environment, provides an immersive experience. The focus on ancient and mythical enemies adds a novel twist to the traditional first-person shooter gameplay, offering players a blend of historical and fantasy elements within the familiar “Masked Forces” framework​​.