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Learn about Linerider Beta 2

“Line Rider Beta 2” is a popular and engaging online drawing game where players create a track for a rider to navigate. Developed by Boštjan Čadež, this game allows users to draw lines that the character, named Bosh, will ride on. The primary tools include the pencil for free-drawing lines, the line tool for creating straight lines, and the eraser for removing parts of the track. Players can also use special lines such as acceleration lines and deceleration lines to add complexity to their designs​.

The game encourages creativity as players can design intricate and imaginative tracks. Once a track is drawn, players can hit play to watch Bosh ride along it, potentially leading to spectacular stunts or crashes depending on the track’s design. The game also allows saving and loading tracks, although some users have reported bugs when loading saved tracks. Despite these occasional issues, “Line Rider Beta 2” remains a beloved and addictive game for many​​.

The game gained significant popularity due to its simplicity and the endless possibilities it offers. Players have created a wide variety of tracks, from simple loops to complex, themed masterpieces. The game’s community has also contributed to its success by sharing tracks and tips, making “Line Rider Beta 2” not just a game but a creative platform.