Play Online Line Rider Beta

“Line Rider Beta” is the original version of the “Line Rider” series, also developed by Boštjan Čadež. Like its successor, it allows players to draw tracks for the sledder, Bosh, to ride on. This initial version laid the foundation for the series, providing the basic drawing and playback mechanics that would become hallmarks of the game. Players can create simple tracks and watch as Bosh navigates the drawn lines, with the potential for crashes and stunts adding to the fun.

This version is more basic compared to “Beta 2,” lacking some of the advanced features like acceleration and deceleration lines. However, its simplicity made it widely accessible and easy to play, helping it to quickly become an internet phenomenon. The game’s straightforward mechanics and the ability to save and share tracks contributed to its viral spread and enduring popularity​​.

“Line Rider Beta” remains a nostalgic favorite for many players who enjoyed the original drawing and riding experience. Its success paved the way for the development of more advanced versions, including “Beta 2” and other iterations that added new tools and features while retaining the core creative and playful spirit of the game.