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Know about Just Flip game

“Just Flip” presents a simple yet intricate control system that’s designed to challenge your reflexes. Inspired by ‘Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy,’ it offers a unique game mechanic that, though simple to understand, requires practice to master. The sling-shot style launching and flip mechanism has been meticulously refined to ensure a smooth and satisfying gameplay experience.

To launch your character, all you have to do is pull down and back anywhere on the screen and release. Once airborne, use your mouse to crouch or extend. The success of each flip depends on nailing the landing – a feat that becomes increasingly challenging as you progress. However, regardless of whether you stick the landing or not, you’re never artificially transported back to the start of the level.

The game features a sprawling mountainous landscape filled with diverse elements to flip and ski over. Unlike many games, failure to stick a landing won’t result in you starting from scratch. Instead, you’ll simply get back up and continue flipping. But beware, if you happen to fail in certain locations, the force of gravity might not be as forgiving, leading to unpredictable gameplay and exciting challenges.