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About the Game

To start the game, select play on the black screen. A cutscene will play, but you can skip it by pressing the space bar. The welcome screen will load, and you can select play to begin. Your web browser automatically saves your progress and best ratings.

This game is optimized for desktops with keyboards. Use the arrow keys to move, the X key to jump, and double jump by pressing the X key again in mid-jump. Climb walls by pressing the X key and the left or right arrow key while facing a vertical surface. Press the X key and the down arrow key to smash. You can change the speed of the egg rolling by stopping and using the up and down arrow keys. Use the C key to dash, the space bar to activate the egg’s special power, and the R key to restart the level from the beginning.

The game features a level selection system, where levels are unlocked sequentially. The first few levels act as a tutorial for new gameplay features. Your objective is to escort your egg to the end of the level, protecting it from various hazards and collecting items along the way.

The egg moves automatically, and you can change its speed using the up and down arrow keys. You’ll need to strategize around hazards, such as snowballs, predators, pits, and retracting spikes, to ensure your egg remains safe. Both you and the egg have 3 lives, which are displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.

Dealing with hazards involves dodging snowballs, timing your movements to avoid spikes, and defeating enemies by stomping or charging. Collect golden eggs and coins throughout the level to achieve the highest possible score. Some levels also feature “egg powers,” which grant special abilities like attacking enemies or floating.

Scoring is based on your remaining lives, the coins you collected, the golden eggs you picked up, the enemies you killed, and your game speed. Replay unlocked levels to increase your total score. Remember to explore the immediate vicinity when the egg stops, and move quickly to protect it from danger. Timing and strategy are crucial for success.