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Control: WASD

Jeep Racing is an exciting game where you get to race high-powered jeeps on tricky terrains. You can buy new jeep and compete against tough paths. The goal is to navigate across challenging landscapes and reach the finish line first. The game blends strategy, skill, and speed, providing a thrilling experience.

To play, you use the arrow keys to steer, accelerate, and brake. The game gets more difficult with each level, requiring you to plan your route and manage your speed carefully. Collecting coins during races allows you to upgrade your jeep, making it faster and more powerful. The game also features a jumping ability to help you overcome obstacles.

Jeep Racing is packed with vibrant graphics and multiple levels, ensuring endless fun. You can also compete in multiplayer mode, racing against players from around the world. This game is perfect for those who love cars and racing, offering a fun and engaging way to test your driving skills.