Info About Helicops

“Helicops” is a video game developed by Paragon Visual Systems Inc. and published by 7th Level in 1997 for Windows. The game is set in a futuristic version of Tokyo, named NeoTokyo, which emerges after a devastating earthquake destroys the original city. This new metropolis represents the pinnacle of technological advancement and scientific achievement. However, peace in NeoTokyo is short-lived as it faces a dire threat from an international criminal syndicate called Nemesys, led by the notorious Maxwell Giger. They seize control of the city using military force, plunging it into chaos and fear.

The game’s primary focus is on a special squad of police officers known as the Helicops. These officers pilot high-tech combat helicopters, equipped to handle the unique challenges posed by the Nemesys syndicate. The gameplay revolves around the player choosing one of five combat pilots, each with their own personal vendetta against one of Giger’s five lieutenants. The narrative structure of the game is such that the player must complete four initial missions targeting the Nemesys leaders, followed by a mission against the pilot’s specific rival, culminating in a final showdown with Maxwell Giger himself.

“Helicops” is a first-person shooter that offers a blend of action and strategy. Players have the option to choose from five different characters and helicopters, each with unique speeds and ammunition types. The game’s missions are diverse, ranging from city landscapes to large caves, and involve various objectives like rescuing civilians, destroying enemy vehicles, finding artifacts, and demolishing specific buildings. This variety in gameplay, combined with the compelling storyline and character backgrounds, provides an immersive experience for the player, making “Helicops” a distinctive game in its genre.