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About this game

If you want to toggle the game’s music, you can do so via the sound button on the upper right corner. Your browser will automatically save your progress and high score, so you can pick up where you left off next time you play.

The game controls differ depending on whether you are playing on a desktop or a touchscreen device. On desktop, you can left-click on the buttons to activate them, use the arrow keys to move, and attack using the z button. However, the game controls were optimized for desktops with keyboards, so if you are playing on a touchscreen device, the controls may not work as well.

During gameplay, you can see various information on the interface. The top left corner shows the number of Omnitrix icons you need to collect. If there are any keys in that level, they will appear to the right of the Omnitrix icon counter. On the top center corner is the time you’ve got left to finish the level. The pause and sound buttons are located on the upper right corner.

If you need to pause the game, you can do so by opening the pause menu. Here, you will see a tutorial playing at the center of the menu. You can toggle the music via the sound button on the upper right corner, and select the play button at the lower right corner to resume the game. If you want to quit the game, select the quit button on the upper left corner.

The basic goal of this Ben 10 game is to reach the other side of the level before time runs out. If you fail to do so in time, it’s game over. You start off with 30 seconds, but can extend your time by collecting time tokens. To clear the level, you need to collect all the Omnitrix tokens in the level. You can use your alien form’s special powers to navigate the level. There are five aliens to choose from: Cannonbolt, Overflow, Heatblast, Stinkfly, and XLR8. Each alien has a unique set of powers that are key to clearing away enemies before they harm you, as well as clearing level hazards.

To collect more items in the game, you can look for time tokens, Sumo Slammer cards, keys to unlock crates, and teleportation devices to quickly navigate across the level. However, be sure to avoid or disable hazards like fire geysers, as they can quickly kill you. Note that you only have one hit point, so falling down a pit, getting attacked by an enemy, or getting hit by a hazard will result in instant death.

Your performance in the level is dependent on a number of factors, such as how many Omnitrix tokens you’ve collected, if you’ve collected the level’s Sumo Slammer card, how many time tokens you’ve collected, and how many enemies you’ve defeated. The higher your score, the better your star rating for the level. If you collect everything in a level, you will receive a 3-star rating.