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About Growmi Game

“Growmi” is an engaging puzzle game that puts you in control of an intriguing character named Growmi, who expands in size as the game progresses! In the early stages, you’re limited to moving just three spaces in any direction. Mastering strategic movements to navigate puzzles and bypass adversaries is key, as you’ll need to fully utilize Growmi’s expanding physique. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for collectibles throughout each level, as these help Growmi grow further and unlock new abilities. Do you have what it takes to skillfully manage Growmi’s growth and complete all the levels?

How does one navigate the world of Growmi? Use the WASD keys for movement. The Spacebar allows Growmi to shrink in size. If you make a wrong move, simply press ‘U’ to undo your last action. Press ‘R’ to restart a puzzle if you get stuck.