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About FNF Fever Town Game

Enter the character of Fever, the city mayor, in the Friday Night Funkin’ mod, FNF Vs. Fever Town. After a chaotic space trip, you find yourself crash-landed in an unfamiliar city and take on the role of mayor in a hurry. In this city inhabited by misfits and reformed criminals, files begin to accumulate, and tensions rise with your girlfriend. Can you address the city’s issues through song over the course of 8 full weeks and confront numerous adversaries who come to your office to challenge you? The Taki’s Revenge update adds two new weeks: Week 2.5 introduces two new songs, Prayer and Bad-nun, while the bonus week “???” brings three new songs, Hallow, Portrait, and Soul.

Friday Night Fever Town presents 20 brand new songs, including Tutorial, Down Bad, Bazinga, Metamorphosis, Farmed, Last Meaw, Ur Girl, Star Baby, Throw It Back, Crucify, Vim, Bunnii, Honey, Mako, Mild, Spice, Party Crasher, Farmed, Void, and Chicken Sandwich. Experience full dialogues for each week, along with two new difficulty modes—Baby and Hard+.

Immerse yourself in the captivating storyline and electrifying music of the FNF Vs. Fever Town mod for Friday Night Funkin’. As you navigate the challenges of being a mayor and strive to maintain your relationship, enjoy the added content and various difficulty modes that promise an engaging gaming experience. Don’t miss out on the excitement of the Fever Town mod and its fresh, exhilarating tunes.