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About FNF Antipathy Mod

“Friday Night Funkin’ vs Antipathy” is a mod for the popular rhythm game “Friday Night Funkin'” that takes place in the Madness Combat Universe. In this mod, players control Grunt Boyfriend and Girlfriend as they take on Antipathy and other characters. The mod is set in a unique environment and features a range of songs, including “Battered,” “Overdrive,” “Trainwreck,” “LockJaw,” “Accelerant,” “Madness,” and “Blood Rage”​​.

This mod is known for its challenging gameplay and includes a final version titled “FNF Antipathy V1.” It offers five new songs, a remake of “Overdrive” (for a total of seven songs), 3D animated cutscenes, and three difficulty levels: Hard, Mad, and Ufcked. The narrative follows the blue-haired Boyfriend and his girlfriend as they wander the desert in Nevada, encountering characters like Hank J. Wimbleton and Tricky. The gameplay is centered around rap battles set in various scenarios, including on the roof of a train and against formidable opponents like Hank and White Hank​​.

The “FNF: Antipathy 1.2 (VS Hank & Tricky)” mod is an extension of the Friday Night Funkin’ universe and is based on the Madness Combat web series. It challenges players with intense rhythm battles against Hank and Tricky, two dangerous characters in the deserted state of Nevada. The mod is praised for its outstanding design and engaging gameplay, offering a unique experience within the Friday Night Funkin’ framework​​.