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About FNF Antipathy Mod

FNF Antipathy Mod is an exhilarating rap battle game that pits players against characters from the Madness Accelerant universe. The story mode offers two immersive weeks, “Antipathy” and “Escape from Nevada,” where players face off against these formidable foes in a series of high-stakes rhythm battles. Each week provides unique challenges and opportunities for players to showcase their rap battle prowess.

The Freeplay Mode in the FNF Antipathy Mod offers eight thrilling tracks, each with its distinct rhythm and tempo to challenge players. The rearranged track names are as follows: Accelerant, Armageddon, Battered, Blood Rage, Lockjaw, Madness, Overdrive, and Trainwreck. These tracks cater to various skill levels and playstyles, offering a diverse and engaging experience for all rhythm game enthusiasts. Conquer these tracks to assert your dominance in the world of FNF Antipathy Mod and the Madness Accelerant universe