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About this Version of the FNF Game

Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) has seen the introduction of many captivating mods, and the Vs. Tabi’s Ex Boyfriend mod is no exception. It has garnered attention and admiration from the FNF community for its compelling narrative, challenging gameplay, and intriguing character dynamics.

In the FNF Vs. Tabi’s Ex Boyfriend mod, players are introduced to a new antagonist, Tabi – who is no other than Girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. Unlike most opponents in FNF, Tabi isn’t just another challenger to defeat; he’s a character filled with bitterness and heartache, nursing a broken heart due to his former relationship with Girlfriend. His resentment towards Boyfriend stems from this failed relationship, making him a relatable, if somewhat tragic, character.

The Story Mode in this mod revolves around a single week known as “Curse,” but it’s jam-packed with emotion, drama, and intense rhythm battles. Players get to learn about Tabi’s backstory through engaging dialogues before each song, adding depth to the mod’s narrative.

The tracklist in Story Mode consists of a single powerful song, “Genocide.” This track stands as a symbol of Tabi’s anguish and resentment, filled with pulsating beats that challenge the players’ rhythm skills. The song’s intensity serves to underline Tabi’s emotions and sets a competitive tone for the face-off.

Additionally, the Freeplay mode introduces two more songs – “My Battle” and “Last Chance.” Each song presents unique rhythm patterns and tempo, offering different levels of difficulty for players to conquer. “My Battle” sees Tabi’s determination to fight against Boyfriend, while “Last Chance” represents his final bid to defeat his rival.

In essence, the FNF Vs. Tabi’s Ex Boyfriend mod offers more than a rhythm game; it presents an emotional narrative of a scorned lover wrapped in engaging rhythm battles. With its appealing character design and dramatic storytelling, the mod offers an unforgettable gaming experience to all FNF fans.