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The original “Feudalism” game, developed by Vitaly Zaborov and released in 2007, introduces players to a strategy and RPG hybrid where they control a hero and lead an army to conquer the world. Players start by choosing a faction, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses, and embark on a journey to expand their territory through battles and strategic planning. The game features a mix of real-time combat and RPG elements, allowing players to level up their hero, recruit units, and acquire equipment​.

In “Feudalism,” players must manage their resources carefully, upgrading their units and equipment to face increasingly powerful enemies. The game includes various quests and missions that provide additional rewards and challenges. Combat is tactical, requiring players to position their units effectively and use their hero’s abilities strategically to win battles​.

“Feudalism” set the foundation for the series, offering a compelling blend of strategy and role-playing elements. Its success led to the development of subsequent sequels, each building on the core mechanics and expanding the game’s scope. Fans of strategy games with RPG elements will find “Feudalism” a classic and engaging title that paved the way for more complex and immersive games in the series​.