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“Cyber Tank” is a challenging online puzzle game that requires players to navigate a tank through various obstacles and challenges. First released on January 9, 2014, the game has been played numerous times, indicating its popularity among online gamers​​.

The gameplay involves moving the tank by clicking on tiles, with the primary objective being to reach a designated target without being hit by enemy cannon fire. Players must tactically maneuver their tanks, avoiding enemy shots and using their own firepower to clear obstacles and fend off adversaries. A unique feature of the game is the ability to collect diamonds along the way, which adds an extra layer of strategy and reward to the gameplay​​.

“Cyber Tank” tests players’ thinking skills, as they need to figure out how to navigate their tank to the exit. Along the way, players must collect energy cubes scattered around the map, which provide additional points and benefits. This aspect of the game emphasizes the importance of exploration and resource management as key components of success​​.

Furthermore, the game incorporates various mechanics from the Sokoban genre, enhancing its complexity and appeal. These include shot reflections, destroyable ice, crumbling floors, movable enemies, water that can be traversed by placing blocks, teleports, conveyors, and collectible bonuses. Such diverse elements make “Cyber Tank” a multifaceted puzzle game that challenges players to think creatively and adapt to changing scenarios​​.