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About Contract Rush DX Game

Contract Rush DX, a thrilling sequel to the short run n’ gun “Contract Rush” originating from Newgrounds, delivers a high-octane gaming experience with an array of exciting new features. This comprehensive sequel broadens the gaming landscape with new levels, formidable bosses, and a diverse roster of playable characters. The control mechanics are simple yet efficient, using A and D to maneuver your character, K for unleashing a barrage of bullets, and L for jumps – with a long press enabling a higher leap.

The core of Contract Rush DX revolves around fulfilling Contracts. These tasks propel the player through vast levels, each teeming with a unique assortment of enemies, NPCs, and closely guarded secrets. Each level is a self-contained adventure, beckoning exploration and rewarding keen observance. These contracts not only provide a framework for the game’s narrative progression but also continually challenge and engage the player.

Upgrades play a critical role in Contract Rush DX, acting as power-ups to prepare players for the formidable boss battles that crown each level. The variety of upgrades available offers a means to customize the player’s abilities, with benefits ranging from increased movement speed to spread-shot bullets and accelerated fire rate. These power-ups, acquired as rewards for completed contracts, shape the gameplay experience and equip the player to face the epic battles that await.